What You Should Know About Drinking While Taking Antibiotics


Many people are concerned about whether to take alcohol while they are taking an antibiotic drug. Even though it seems that you may need to keep off alcohol drinking while on antibiotics, sometimes taking alcohol in moderate levels may not have any serious effect. This is always the case when taking alcohol and antibiotics that is always common to many people’s vocabulary. This does not mean that you should not inquire from your personal doctor about what to do when it comes to drinking while taking antibiotics. The US Health Department has always recommends men to consume between 3 and 4 units, while ladies should consume 2 and 3 units each day.

When it Calls for You to Avoid Alcohol

It is a must that you avoid alcohol when taking a specific type of antibiotic. For example, one must not drink alcohol or any alcoholic product when using the following antibiotics:

  • Tinidazole: This is one of the drugs that are used in eliminating Helicobacter pylori from a person’s gut.
  • Metronidazole: an antibiotic that in most cases is used to eliminate infections from the patient’s vagina, dental areas and ulcers.

Symptoms of Using Above Antibiotics with Alcohol

If you decide to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics named above will trigger the following symptoms:

  • Chest Pains
  • Headache
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Skin Flushing
  • Breathlessness
  • Abnormal Heartbeats

Why should you take alcohol with antibiotics if you understand that it will cause these symptoms? The best thing to do is to avoid alcohol until when you are through with your prescription or rather dosage. It is also important that you take heed of alcoholdetoxmagazine.com alcohol with antibiotics article.

It is also wise to also add some days after completing your dosage before you take the first sip of the antibiotics because it may still be in your blood stream.

More Drugs to Take Caution

There are still more antibiotics that do not go well with alcohol intake. If you are using any of the below antibiotics, don’t drink.

  • Erythromycin: It is known that if you combine erythromycin and alcohol, the purpose meant for this antibiotic will take longer to be realized.
  • Linezolid: This type of antibiotic is known to react with alcohol from drinks such as beer, wine and lager.
  • Co-trimoxazole: Drinking excessive alcohol while under co-trimoxazole prescription may lead to chest pains, headaches and depression just but a few.

Antibiotic Side Effects

One of the first warning you will find in most antibiotics packaging is, “You should not drive, or operate machinery, if you are taking an antibiotic which makes you drowsy”. One of the reasons for this is because the antibiotic may cause nausea or dizziness. This is the same case with alcohol. If you take both it means that the side effect will automatically be severe.

Expert’s Advice

The best way to deal with drinking alcohol while on antibiotics is to completely avoid it. There is a time for everything and if you have been prescribed to take certain antibiotic, it is better to avoid alcohol until when you are done with your recommended dosage. You should always ask your personal doctor about what you need to observe when under medication. By doing that, you will be on the safe side. Just remember what drinking on antibiotics is dangerous for your health!

What Is An Normal Blood Pressure Reading?

Blood pressure is the result that occurs when the heart contracts. Whenever the heart contracts, blood is forcefully pushed against the blood vessels’ walls. A blood pressure reading is based on a systolic and a diastolic number. These numbers are used to record blood pressure, and they are also used to determine a person’s normal blood pressure.

The systolic pressure number is the high (top) number and it is measured when the heart muscle is contracting. The diastolic number is the low (bottom) number and it is measured when the heart is at rest.

The heart is amazing vital organ and muscle of the body. It is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Blood that is rich with oxygen is transported throughout the body so all parts of the body are nourished. This constant pumping of the heart produces blood pressure. You can check full chart of normal BP by age at bloodpressuremagazine.com.

There are two common issues that can affect a person’s normal blood pressure reading. Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure while hypotension is known as low blood pressure.

How A Blood Pressure Reading Is Taken?

Most people are familiar with having their BP taken either by their primary physician or in a hospital setting. The reading is important because it gives doctors and other health professionals instant information regarding the current status of a person’s circulatory system.

As mentioned earlier, a blood pressure reading consists of a systolic and a diastolic number. When either of these numbers is considered higher than average, a person is diagnosed with hypertension. In order to get the best blood pressure reading, make sure that you are relaxed and sitting or lying in a comfortable position.

Although clinical Manometers are still used in some hospital settings, most blood pressure readings are now taken with a digital monitor.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is becoming a regular procedure with patients who experience stress induced hypertension. Patients who suffer with this type of hypertension only have a raised blood pressure reading when they become stressed or anxious in a hospital setting.

The physician instructs the patient to wear a portable blood pressure monitoring device. The device is installed with a chip that records the patient’s blood pressure during the day. Most patients who wear this device have:

  • Fluctuating blood pressure readings
  • Stress induced hypertension
  • Hypotension

These patients could also be exhibiting signs of resistance to different types of medications.

What Is Considered An Average Blood Pressure?

A blood pressure that is considered normal or average is 120/80. The top number (120) is the systolic number and the bottom number (80) is the diastolic number.

There is also a range for systolic numbers and diastolic numbers that can be included as normal readings. The systolic range for healthy blood pressure readings is 90 to 120 and the diastolic range is 60 to 80.

It is important that patients know their normal blood pressure reading. This way they will be more aware of differences that are far above or below average. The patients will also be able to notice sudden drops in pressure and look for signs and symptoms that could be attributed to their blood pressure.

Men Jewelry Facts

Just a Christmas gift for my readers – everything about jewelry for male!

As far back as human history goes, jewelry has adorned the bodies of both men and women. In Egyptian times, the craftsmen were sought after for the skills. Their job was to work with the many precious stone and set them in gold engraved jewelry pieces for men jewelry.

Whereas it used to be frowned upon in the past when men wore jewelry, jewelry for male has moved solidly into the mainstream of fashion. It has now become a multi-billion dollar market and increasing steadily. The men jewelry market is no longer confined to watches and wedding bands.

Men wear jewelry to convey a message. The pieces they choose to wear are an indication of something they wish to portray about themselves to the external world. Messages such as “I am a man”, or I am hunter” can come through quite strongly with a simple gold pendant or an arrowhead set in a leather.

Another reason why jewelry for male is worn is to enhance what they are wearing. They have taken on what women do with jewelry to make themselves look more attractive and turned it into their own style. Conversely, trendy women have taken to wearing gold men jewelry to enhance their particular fashion statements.

Men’s attitudes towards wearing jewelry have been changed. In the past, the most daring pieces of jewelry for men, apart from the traditional cuff links and tie pins, were gold chains. Nowadays fashion magazines are full of photographs of men wearing jewelry considered being outrageous not long ago. Even earrings, something only women wore, are no longer out of bounds to men.

Fashion designers and celebrity stars set the trend for the latest styles in jewelry. This emboldens men to experiment with different metals as well as natural materials such as leather and glass beads.

Essential Oils Overview

Essential oils

At the current days, essential oils, also known as volatile oils or ethereal oils are concentrated, hydrophobic oils that contain volatile aroma compounds from plants. They are found naturally in plants, but need some special extraction to acquire them in their neat form.

These oils are contained in the leaves of plants, their roots, barks, stems, rhizome, resin, peel of fruits such as citrus, flowers and wood.

These oils are immediately absorbed into the skin when applied on it. They are of a lipophilic nature, hence are not soluble in water. Cold-Pressed oils are also pure and contain little to none foreign substances!

Pure oils have the ability to prevent pathogenic components such as Staphylococcus, Candida and Streptococcus, which some drugs are not capable of offering transmission resistance against.

From comments and reviews of essential oil products a positive thought about the overall health benefits including improved digestion, gingivitis relief, removing bad breath, remove gases, reduces fever, warm the body, reduce nervousness, improves inflammatory and so much more.

Some of these natural oils also have a skin healing effect such as the lavender. They act on acne and other skin related problems.

Natural oils also have a capability of soothing the soul and acting as an emotional healer. Through aromatherapy, these natural products have been used to bring about a change in the emotional look at life hence since time immemorial as traditional therapy. Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine where aromatic properties of the plant are used to bring relief to certain aspects of disease and stress. These oils also give an uplifting effect to the mind through aromatherapy.

Though plants oils are medicinal, they can be harmful in some incidences if used in their pure state. These oils can itch the skin when used in their neat state or bring about some allergic reactions.

These cold-pressed oils are known to increase the skin’s vulnerability. They should never be used on animals and when used they should be mixed with vegetable based carrier oils and in a ratio of 0.5% to 3%.

These pure oils are to be used with care because even some of the therapeutic grade oils have resulted to some negative effects on epileptic people and pregnant women. Pregnant women are restricted from using the fresh oils because not enough information has been acquired to give them a leeway for use. This is because pregnant women often develop sensitivity to some smells and tastes.

People with heart related problems, blood pressure problems and blood sugar complications are also advised to refrain from the use of organic oils or use them under the constant supervision of a doctor.

Children are also categorized under the “should not use” class. This should be unless instructed by a certified medical practitioner.

Some of these oils are used in the antiseptics and insecticides and may be harmful to the mucosal membrane of the respiratory tract. They may bring about difficulty in breathing and also irritation to the eyes. They should be used under protection.

The use of these oils as an herbal medicine alternative is increasingly getting popular and seemingly with little to no side effects when used through the proper procedures and lookouts. For additional information about essential oils please check EssentialoilsAcademia.com.

Sticky: What Can You Use Castor Oil For?

If you’re wondering about what you can use castor oil for, you should know that it’s one product that’s being touted as a great solution to thinning hair. In fact, there are many companies out there that label their product as “JBCO for hair growth.”

So, should you jump into the bandwagon and buy this product? You can if you really want to, but if you’re smart, you would get the real deal on how to use this supplement before asking where to buy it.

As a natural product, you can actually use it for purposes other than hair regrowth, like treating skin conditions like skin papules, however, for purposes of this article, we will be focusing on JBCO and other natural supplements with vitamin b (biotin).

If you’ve been using this supplement to treat thinning hair, you’re probably wondering if using black castor is going to make any difference, for example, if it’s going to make your hair grow back faster than ordinary castor would. While we can’t speak from experience, we have done some research on black castor reviews by real users. While there are users that say they didn’t notice any difference, there are those that say, they noticed a difference in a shorter period of time.

If you ask us, you really can’t say that one side is wrong and the other side is right. You should know that this essential oil is a natural product and its effectiveness really depends on two things: the purity of the product and how your body reacts to it.

It might be that this supplement contains more nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential oils than ordinary castor (we can’t say for sure because there are no conclusive studies that show this), but if the black castor beans were extracted for oil using solvents and chemicals, it’s going to affect the effectiveness of a product. Only you can know if your body reacts well to natural cold-pressed castor oil, white or black.

You can use castor oil for hair growth. It is very popular natural remedy which can help you to prevent hair loss. If you’re asking where to buy this natural remedy for hair, you can buy it from Amazon or eBay. There are the main brands of these products out there and not all of them are created alike. As we said earlier, ideally you should be buying such products that are pure.

So, when you’re out shopping, look for products that have 100% natural, organic or cold-pressed on the label. Cold-pressed simply means that essential oil was extracted using natural pressing methods that do not involve any heating process, thus preserving the natural goodness of the oil.

How long should you use these products for before you can see results? That really depends on how you use it. For best results massage it onto your scalp just before you sleep.

People who have used it for growing their hair back did not see any improvements until after two weeks of consistent application. Thus, you should use this product for at least two weeks with vitamins for hair growth (biotin) together.