Self Care Practices When Dealing with Negativity


Everyone deals with different levels of negativity. There will be people who will disagree with you, judge you, or dislike you for varied reasons. While staying positive keeps you grounded, sometimes the negative things you have to deal with can take its toll. Knowing how to manage negative thoughts and emotions is essential to protect your wellbeing. Here are some self-care practices that can help you cope with the unpleasant things some people may throw your way.

Cherish your alone time. Protect your alone time. Spending time on your own can be therapeutic. You can use the time for self-reflection or do the things you are passionate about. It can be a great time to write a journal, read books, learn something new, or simply enjoy the time doing nothing.

Focus on positive affirmations. Come up with positive statements that you can use as mantras, especially when you need the most. Repeating these positive affirmations over and over at any given day can keep you motivated. They can serve as reminders or prompters to maintain positivity despite stressful situations.

Unplug. There is nothing wrong with depending on technology for most of your everyday life unless it starts to control your life. Uncontrolled use of appliances and devices can limit your time to take care of yourself. Schedule some time each day away from your computer, television, and various other gadgets. Opt for face-to-face and more meaningful connections with family and friends. Use the time to pursue the things you enjoy.

Know how and when to say no. You do not have to be please everyone at the expense of your own comfort and happiness. Taking care of yourself entails saying no to the things that may not be good for your wellbeing. Know when not to accept more tasks if you already have a lot going on in your life. Always consider your health and wellness before taking on responsibilities that can eventually stress you out.

Make time for personal growth. Spending at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of your day on personal development activities is one of the proactive self-care rituals you can develop. Make time for personal growth seminars or self-driven activities that can sharpen your skills. Continual self-growth can also help in maintaining a healthy self-esteem.

Make self-care a priority. The whole point of creating self-care routines is to make taking care of yourself a priority. You need to stick to your self-care rituals regardless if everything seems to be going smoothly in your life.

Get in touch with nature. Nature has a natural soothing power. Make time to connect more with nature. Step outside to get some fresh air, take up gardening as a hobby, engage in outdoor activities, or simply sit somewhere peaceful to unwind. You will not find it hard to come up with nature-inspired self-care ideas to incorporate in your routines.

LGBT Rights and Equality

What Are They Fighting For: LGBT Rights and Empowerment

Back in the 50’s, seeing a minority being discriminated is just a norm. African-Americans, Jews, Asians and Mexicans to be exact. But we are now living in the 21st century ladies and gentlemen. To see someone being discriminated for their race, color, sexuality and religion is just sickening. Homosexuals formed a group now we call the LGBT or Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender. They serve to protect the rights of all those who are in the same boat with them. So what they are fighting for? Let me give you some examples.

Gender Equality

We all know that biologically speaking, we only have two types of sex. The male and the female. Where do you count the members of the LGBT? The thing is, they fight homophobia and sexism. No matter what do you consider them, they fight for something noble and for that, we should admire them.

Same sex marriage is a sensitive topic to discuss because it all depends on your perspective. If two people love each other, they should be allowed to be married or the sanction of marriage should be for a man and a woman only. You decide.

HIV Awareness and other Health Issues

HIV Stigma Parade

LGBT Community Fighting Against the HIV Stigma.

HIV today is considered as a global pandemic. During the 80’s and 90’s having this dreaded disease means that you got it because you are a homosexual. But today, HIV is not only rampant in the LGBT community but also to heterosexual men and women. That voided the stigma and stereotype for all homosexuals.

They are also concerned with health issues like the bad effects of tobacco smoking and drugs. That’s the right thing to do. We should all raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco and drugs. Living healthy is the way to go. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water or fruit juices, and exercise daily. Fruit juices and smoothies are packed with vitamins and nutrients that is essential to our bodies. Find out if you really should you really use a blender for smoothies.


LGBT for Acceptance

Acceptance. Make them feel like they’re not different.

This is their main goal. When you feel different, you just need to be accepted. Is that hard to do? I don’t think so. You just have to open your mind. They are still humans and the only thing different about them is their sexuality. But they are being discriminated at work, sports and even politics. They stood up for their rights. Does that make them bad? I’ll let you be the judge on this one.


Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

Things Anyone, Regardless Of Gender, Can Do


“Never let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Here are some things anyone, regardless of gender, can do:

  • To love. As they say, “love, not hate.” This goes not just for one, but for everyone living in this world. No matter how your opinions may differ, no matter who you or who they really are, no matter how much pain they’ve caused you or you’ve caused them, no matter what happens – always remember to love them with all your heart.
  • To have a child. Regardless of gender, everyone deserves to have a child – a child who they can love, a child who they can care about, a child who they can be proud of, a child who they can save from cruel people. Most of all, they deserve to have a child that loves them for who they really are – no questions asked.
  • To have a job. Gender should never be an issue in finding a job. Whether one wants to become a sawyer or a lawyer, everyone is entitled to apply for it, get the job, do their best, and continue working hard for it to sustain their own needs and the needs of those who they love and care about.

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  • To live normally. They should be able to mow lawns or cut trees without anyone judging them because they’re not who society wants them to be. They should be able to do recreational activities without anyone criticizing them for being different. They should be able to walk the streets without any danger coming right at them because of what they believe in.

For those who are still suffering from gender discrimination and gender equality, always remember: never let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t be afraid to fight for who you are and for what you believe in. We love you and we support you, no matter what your gender is.

Practicing Self-Acceptance

jumpMany people are unable to live more happily and with a sense of fulfillment not for lack of ability. Most of the time, what hinders them is an inability to accept themselves. If you are among those who need to work on recognizing their own value, now would be a good time as any to learn to accept yourself. Learning to accept yourself is critical in maintaining a healthy self-esteem. You can explore several ways to accept yourself and start learning to like yourself more so you could live a happy and fulfilling life.

Accepting yourself unconditionally eliminates the need to set unreasonably high or unrealistic expectations, which only set you up for a lot of disappointments. It also helps you in learning to take care of yourself. You can take better care of yourself if you are aware of your limitations and accept them as being part of who you are. Further, you make no room for shame once you learn to accept yourself. You cultivate a sense of self-worth, develop more confidence, and begin to have more faith in yourself when you recognize and accept your own abilities as well as shortcomings.

The only way to be comfortable at anything is to accept and like yourself more. This paves the way for your happiness and success at any endeavor you wish to pursue. Accepting yourself means embracing everything including the imperfections that you used to find intolerable. Only by recognizing your strong traits and weaknesses would you be able to harness your uniqueness and use it to its optimum potential.

Accept your limitations – Accepting your limitations is one way of preventing putting too much pressure or setting unrealistic expectations on yourself. Working with what you have and accepting what you cannot do can make your life less stressful.

Practice self-awareness – Always make room for self-discoveries and encourage self-knowledge. Keep in mind that you are constantly evolving and growing as a person. Take the time to know yourself.

Avoid comparisons – Being appreciative of others’ good traits and successes does not mean you have to compare yourself with them. It would help to always keep in mind that everyone is unique in their own ways. Comparing yourself can only lead to either a false sense of grandeur or low self-esteem. A great way to truly accept yourself is to avoid comparisons and just focus on constantly improving yourself.

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